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תחזית מגמות 2023 – דה מרקר

How does Generation Alpha think? Find out what Israeli Futurist Adi Yoffe has to say

Fake News is what bothers you? When the metaverse explodes…

The “Great Resignation” Phenomenon

Living the Moment

Podcast Predicting trends in a distorted world

Want everything, now and close to home

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Adi Yoffe: Reality played in favor of the profession

Even in 2020 we will continue to be selfish

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How one Israeli is predicting the future

איך השפע חיסל את דת המותגים סופית?

Before everyone: How do you identify the next trend?

The consumer today is lazy, selfish and wants cheap and now

The future is already here

The abnormal is the new normal

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Futurists Conference

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