You won’t believe what can be done with the future

  • What are the tools for predicting trends in a disrupted world?
  • What can we consider as relevant data?
  • What will be the consumer trends that will affect you?
  • What are the “three circles” of your organization?
  • What are the filters for trends – How can we know what is expected to stay with us?

The skill of future thinking is a necessary “muscle” for every organization and its employees.

Through our special workshops, based on the main points from the academic course that Adi has developed for the School of Business Administration at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, we will assimilate the acquired skill to groups of managers (at all levels in the organization).

Our method allows each employee and manager in the organization to make use of a unique methodology that looks ahead and provides tools for mapping and analyzing trends in order to help the participants prepare for the relevant future ahead of time.

Innovation Workshop

Our working assumption is that innovation processes begin with mapping the future and understanding the “North Star” of the organization. Therefore, any innovation process should begin with the application of

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