Anyone can predict future trends

The ability to think about the future is a necessary “muscle” that every organization needs to develop for its managers.

This method allows each employee and manager in the organization to use a unique methodology that looks ahead and provides tools for mapping and analyzing future trends independently.

How would you like the Future?

Through a few hours of training, this workshop aims to give participants, one of the most important skills in the 21st century – the skill to predict future trends on your own. 

This training combines frontal lectures and exercises using relevant materials to each organization so that at the end, the participants will be able to create their trend forecast report in any field they choose to research.

What do you get out of it?

Being relevant: The ability to predict future trends for yourself or your business

Staying up to date: We will deal with the latest examples and trends in the world

A practical approach: The ability to create a business base and compass for strategic work plans

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The Metaverse is not another technological leap. Nor is it another stage in the reality of progress and disruptions.

We are in a real historical moment.

The coming period will redefine business and marketing models, which are already affecting everything we know.

This is the moment to enter the first masterclass workshop in the country for businesses.

The Metaverse, the NFT, the blockchain, and the new world of web 3.0 is a unique space with new rules: what are its principles? Why is it so different from the internet we know? How will it change the world? What trends will it bring, and how will they affect people? What are the biggest brands doing there? And what does your organization need to do to be there and fast?

Who is it for?

> Company managements / marketing / strategy / innovation departments

What is the format?

3 hours of a masterclass on everything you need to know about the future

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