NEXT - A Manual for Disruption

Adi Yoffe, a leading Business Futurist, presents her methodology for forecasting, developed through years of consulting leading business corporations, NGOs and governmental institutions. “NEXT” will provide you with a useful toolkit that will help you navigate our disruptive world.

In this clear, simple manual, Adi draws an easy-to-use process, through which every person can identify and predict the future trends that will affect them and their business. This is, of course, not limited to times of global crisis, but it is applicable at every turn, whenever one wishes to plan for the next step.



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An orderly methodological guide in accessible and fluid writing for the way in which people, companies and organizations can get along in today's reality

In her new book, Adi Yoffe has taken on a particularly complex task: Predict trends and trends in an evolving world

How one Israeli is predicting the future

"Yoffe, a pioneer in the field of trend forecasting in Israel, is currently publishing her book 'Next', in which she describes the forecasting process, and offers a method for observing contemporary phenomena, in order to deduce through them what the next thing will be."

Reality has played in favor of the trend-predicting profession

During its life the butterfly moves from stage to stage with absolute certainty. Do you know what your next step is?

How we would like to know what the next step is – ours as human beings, as entrepreneurs, as business owners, as employees, what is the next trend, what is the next thing. But our world is changing faster than ever, the possibilities are too many, and our ability to predict the next thing is diminishing.

The book you have offers you a method, a structured and orderly process through which you can look at the reality around you, pinpoint the meaning of social, political, economic and technological phenomena – and conclude what will be the next thing, for you.

Adi Yoffe

Adi Yoffe, the veteran and experienced trendologist in Israel, explains in eight clear chapters the method she developed in her work with the leading companies and organizations in the economy. The “next” will allow you to deal with the fact that we live in a disturbed world, and can no longer deduce from past experience what awaits us in the future. “Next” will allow you to connect the dots in front of everyone so you can see the next step – and get ready for it.

Adi Yoffe has been involved in business futurism and trendology for over a decade, and teaches at the School of Business Administration at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya. In her predictions she foresaw the minimal consumption, the metaphorical return to the caves and the synthesis that now appears in every area of ​​our lives.
Now, with the help of “Next”, she invites you to take a look at her toolbox – and get all the tools you need so you can find the next thing – yourself

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