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The future is our starting point. We wake up every morning with a purpose - to explain the future.

For the past 2 decades we have been the leading business futurist company in Israel.
We serve the major organizations in the market.

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Adi Yoffe: "My passion is to think about the future differently."

Back in 2006, I had a dream. In those years, there were no smartphones, and Facebook had just been launched to the public. It was clear that we were on the brink of a changing world. A few years later, everything we knew became something almost unimaginable.

Since then, I have written dozens of future forecasts for the largest organizations in the country and delivered hundreds of lectures at conferences and in the most influential organizations.
I’ve always believed that predicting future trends is a skill we should all own: In a disturbed world, one must think differently. And anticipate the future differently.

New kinds of skills are required.

Therefore, I am constantly developing tools that will help you navigate the future: I have turned my academic course at Reichman University’s School of Business Administration into the book “Next – A Manual for Disruption”, published about six months before COVID-19 became a pandemic.

Every year, precisely in December, I launch our annual trend report. These forecasts are widely embarrassed by the business community and some of the forecasted trends have turned into frequently used phrases, such as “minimum consumption”, “Future of Caving”, and “Future of Pieces.”

The annual reports are available for viewing and inspiration and are some of the most effective tools that may help you see and navigate ahead.

you are invited to join me on a journey to look at the future differently.


A Manual for Disruption

Our goal is to allow you to grow and develop in a disrupted world.

Our goal is to allow you to grow and develop in a disrupted world. To make that happen, we outline your future trends that may affect your business in the foreseeable future.

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